Why Masters’ Swimming?

As the air gets chilly and the pumpkin spice lattes get back on the market, we can tell that fall is in full swing and summer is officially over. Swimmers everywhere are getting reacquainted with the chlorine-tastic smell of indoor pools.

With so many different types of swimmers that have joined us in the fight against cancer, we know that training can bring you to the pool constantly. Post-college, a Masters’ team can be a great way to get you pumped about your training and renew the excitement of jumping into water during the chillier months.

Here are SAA’s top 5 reasons to get involved with a masters’ team:

  1. Training Buddies Make You A Better Swimmer- Some swimmers like to swim a practice by themselves. But isn’t everything better with a friend or two? Training buddies push you to be better, support you on your off-days and provide the camaraderie that is lost when training like a lone wolf.
  2. Competition Isn’t Required If You Just Want to Stay in Shape- Did you know that roughly 75% of masters’ swimmers do not compete in USMS meets? The great thing about Masters’ Swimming is that athletes can make it as competitive as they want it to be. Some will participate in meets, others have never been to one, and still others do a few to see what type of shape they’re in. It’s all what you make of it, and most Masters’ programs support swimmers’ involvement in many different capacities.
  3. All Abilities and Skill Levels Are Welcomed- No one gets cut, and there’s no pressure to reach a certain ability level. The spectrum of swimmers is wide in Masters’ programs, but everyone still comes to the pool to work out together!
  4. Masters’ Swimming Keeps You In the Pool- well into your golden years! The age groups at a Masters’ meet will give you a hint, but it’s very common for swimmers to stick with their sport (and sometimes, to pick up their sport) late in life! The low-impact, full body workout is great for all ages- and on a Masters team, it’s easy to stay in shape and keep community with others who share your love of the water.
  5. Your SAA Team Could Be Built Right In- Many tribute teams that participate at Swim Across America events have been formed from Masters’ teams. If you’re looking for friends to join your squad in the fight against cancer, you’re guaranteed to make them at a Masters’ practice!

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