SAA Impact in Seattle

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, the beneficiary of the SAA – Seattle swim has released their latest Impact Report. This report details how the Swim Across America Cellular Therapy Laboratory is responsible for all therapeutic cell processing at SCCA. Funds from SAA – Seattle also support the Pancreas Cancer Specialty Clinic. You can download the Seattle SAA Impact Report to learn more.22010282331_14ae7bfd0f_z

From the Swim Across America Cellular Therapy Laboratory:

“Over the past six years, SAA – Seattle funds have supported cell-based immunotherapy trials aimed at increasing graft versus cancer effect and reducing Graft Versus Host Disease. Those studies and follow-on protocols to refine the technology and incorporate more donor options are continuing. In addition, SAA – Seattle funds have prepared us to process cells for the Chimeric Antigen T Cell Receptor (CAR T) clinical trials.

The first CAR T protocol for SCCA patients is producing extraordinary results in which cancer patients that had been unresponsive to or relapsed from other therapies are experiencing complete remissions…we expect at least 3 more CAR T trials to start and SAAS funding will allow us to train staff and test processes to build the much needed capacity to support this rapidly expanding work.”

From the Pancreas Cancer Speciality Clinic:

“The STTR Molecular Diagnostics Repository SAA – Seattle is supporting evaluates the genomic, metabolomic, proteomic and immunological profiles of pancreas cancer, helping to create and share information and access samples more quickly and affordably…SAAS will fund 2-3 researchers’ pilot studies to advance the science, hopefully paving the way for future full scale proposals. We are grateful to the SAAS for its continued support of the Pancreas Program.”

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