Swim Across America Elects 2019 Officers

Nov. 15 — Swim Across America held its annual Board of Directors meeting and has re-elected Jean Fufidio, Janel McArdle, Pam Ryan, Jack Salerno, Doug Towne and Burt Zweigenhaft to 2-year terms through the Fall 2020 annual board meeting.

Board 2018 Annual Meeting
Board Members and SAA Staff at the 2018 Board Meeting

Hugh Curran was a college graduate when he and childhood friends ran across the United States to raise money for cancer research (the 1984-85 run was the inspiration to create a charity swim program that has become Swim Across America). Hugh has given unselfishly to SAA for over 30 years, including the past nine years as Board Chair. Believing the time is right for our next board leader, Hugh nominated and the board of directors unanimously elected Pam Ryan to be the chair. Pam previously served as the Secretary. Hugh was elected to be the Vice Chair and he will support Pam in the transition to the board leader. The board then elected Janel McArdle to be the Secretary and Bob Coakley was re-elected as Treasurer.

The board committee appointments are as follows:

  • Audit: Kevin Shine (Chair), Burt Zweigenhaft, Michael Agis (non-board special appointment)
  • Beneficiary: Dr. Evan Vosburgh (Chair), Janel McArdle, Rob Butcher, Amy Krakauer (staff)
  • Branding: Jack Salerno (Chair), Kimbery Wetty, Jean Fufidio, Ryan Baucom (staff)
  • Governance: Matt Vossler (Chair), Hugh Curran, Kevin Shine, Kimberly Wetty, Rob Butcher
  • Finance: Bob Coakley (Chair), Janel McArdle, Jamie Mannion, Jean Fufidio, Jedd Hall (non-board special appointment), Rich Thompkins (non-board special appointment), Rob Butcher, Amy Krakauer (staff)
  • Risk Management: Megan Melgaard (Chair), Matt Vossler, Doug Towne

Swim Across America holds two face-to-face board meetings each year; an annual meeting held at the conclusion of the charity swim season and a winter meeting held before the charity swim begins.

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