“Hope Has No Finish Line” – Honoring ‘Amazing’ Grace Bunke

March 25th is the one year passing of ‘Amazing’ Grace Bunke. She inspired us with her bravery throughout her battle with terminal cancer. And Swim Across America is honoring Grace by sharing her message “Hope Has No Finish Line” at all our charity swims in 2019.

Grace’s home was SAA—Atlanta. She was treated for osteosarcoma at the beneficiary Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Grace’s wish was to be the #1 fundraiser and challenged our community to continue raising funds, so doctors can give hope to families affected by cancer. In 2018, Grace individually raised $119, 579 making her the #1 fundraiser for SAA.

Grace’s legacy of inspiring and giving hope to others continues through Team Grace. You can read more about Grace and donate in her memory here.


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