Swim Across America Honored at 9th Annual Value-Based Cancer Summit

The 9th annual Value-Based Cancer Care Summit brought together more than 500 thought leaders in academic, government, pharmaceutical and biotech. Keynote speaker former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb provided his perspective on the future of oncology care and why the FDA is approving more treatments at a faster rate.

Swim Across America Board of Directors attend the 2019 Value-Based Cancer Care Summit.

In a personal testimonial, Dr. Luis Diaz of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center shared how Swim Across America grant funding supported his research and clinical trial ideas that helped lead to FDA approval of a Merck immunotherapy treatment that is giving hope to many fighting cancer.

Swim Across America ambassador Ryan Berube shares a personal story of his wife Michelle overcoming brain cancer.

Swim Across America, which has granted nearly $100M million dollars into cancer research, clinical trials and prevention, was honored as the beneficiary for the summit.

Value-Based Cancer Care Summit chair Burt Zweigenhaft and professional boxer Seamus McDonagh raise some funds during the charity auction.

Olympian and SAA ambassador Ryan Berube attended the summit. Ryan shared a personal story of his wife Michelle overcoming brain cancer while he was training for the Olympics. Ryan and Swim Across America CEO Rob Butcher lead the charity auction that raised $50,000. These proceeds will be used to help fund Swim Across America’s 2020 ASCO Conquer Cancer Young Investigator Award.

Rob Butcher and Ryan Berube lead the charity auction.

Being honored and attending events like the Value-Based Cancer Care Summit raises Swim Across America’s profile.

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