A Message from a Non-Profit Leader. Thank you.

SAA Why I Swim FlagsFor three decades, Swim Across America has been hosting charity swims. The proceeds from our charity swims are then granted to fund cancer research. Since our first charity swim in 1987, we’ve granted around $100 million dollars to our hospital partners who have been at the forefront of developing new cures and treatments to fight cancer.

Our commitment is to continue providing hope to the individuals and families affected by cancer through support, inspiration, and leadership.

GogglesThe values of Swim Across America are rooted in family. We are grateful for the wisdom of our board members, whose steady leadership has guided Swim Across America through times of hardship; for example, weathering the storms of 2001 and 2008.

Lessons from other times of crisis have helped to prepare Swim Across America for uncertainty. Like many businesses, we’ve tightened our belts. Thanks to guardrails having been put in place years ago to safeguard our cause, we are facing these times with the strength of community and family.

  • Our team is taking on more local responsibility for our charity swims as our volunteers are experiencing their own challenges.
  • Our team is sharing stories about our grant partners to bring you hope and inspiration. Our grants continue to fund more than 60 oncology projects and the thousands of nurses, researchers, and patients within the programs.
  • Our team is creating new opportunities so the spirit and purpose of teams like Team Amazing Grace can continue to make an impact. A tour in honor of Grace Bunke was planned across 14-of our charity swims this year is being adjusted.

THANK YOU to our supporters, partners, and volunteers. You’ve shown your trust in us. We don’t take it for granted. We want you to know how much we appreciate you.

We are here for you now and as we continue to move forward, together.

Rob Butcher
Swim Across America | CEO

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