Swim Across America Awards $5.8M in Grants

“There is HOPE” – that’s what every patient should hear after the words “you have cancer…”

Thank you for your contributions to Swim Across America – because of you, patients and their families do have hope. For 2022, we have granted $5.8M to more than fifty research, clinical trial, and patient programs. You can learn more about our grant programs here.

The story below is one of the many that captures the impact of Swim Across America, and how your donations provide hope.

Rick Osterberg and his wife Jessica Stokes, joined Swim Across America – Boston in 2009. In 2018, Rick was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. After a very difficult year of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, Rick and Jessica celebrated Rick’s clean scans. Unfortunately, in 2020, Rick’s cancer returned. Two weeks prior to discovering the recurrence, an immunotherapy treatment was approved by the FDA to treat Rick’s type of colon cancer. Fortunately, Rick qualified for this more targeted treatment – it has allowed him to have a better quality of life. Nearly a year and a half after starting immunotherapy, Rick’s scans continue to be very encouraging, and he experiences no side effects.

Swim Across America grant funding played a significant role in the FDA approval of several immunotherapy treatments, including the one Rick is receiving. Since our inception in 1987, Swim Across America has granted more than $100 million in grants leading to advances in immunotherapy, screening and detection methods, patient programs, and helping to pioneer personalized medicine.

On behalf of Rick and Jessica, and so many others you have helped, thank you for your generosity. We look forward to seeing you and learning your story as we #MakeWavesToFightCancer. You can view our schedule and learn more at swimacrossamerica.org

With gratitude,

Rob Butcher
Swim Across America | CEO

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