Ways to Support Swim Across America Now That Amazon Smile Program Has Ended

We appreciate that many of our supporters designated Swim Across America to receive proceeds from purchases made through the AmazonSmile program. Through AmazonSmile, Swim Across America has been able to cover a portion of what it takes to provide a safe and enjoyable charity swim experience.

Amazon announced that on February 20, 2023 they are discontinuing the Smile program for all charities. This means purchases made through Amazon will not support SAA or any other charities after February 20.

Swim Across America still needs your support. With AmazonSmile ending, there are a few ways to continue to give to Swim Across America:

  • Add an extra $10 when you register for or make a donation to a charity swim.

  • Swim Across America accepts Donor Advised Funds, stock donations, and annuities. Email us if you would like to include us in your planned giving.

Find a full list of options on our Ways to Give page.

Thanks for giving hope and Making Waves to Fight Cancer with us.

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