What’s in Your SAA College Ambassador Member Kit?

Swim Across America College Ambassadors are are part of the next generation of leaders. They support SAA by helping to engage the younger audience, promoting the Swim Across America mission and brand and encouraging their local communities’ involvement. Once you have been selected, we’ll reach out to congratulate you and send you an SAA College Ambassador’s Member Kit in the mail so you can show off your SAA spirit and be set up for success.

Here’s what you can expect in the mail:

1. Swim Across America Trucker Hat

Enjoy the exclusive Swim Across America College Ambassador’s Trucker Hat with our popular Wave logo. Perfect to throw on while enjoying time outside or walking to class.

2. Swim Across America Water Bottle

Stay hydrated and show your support with your new SAA branded water bottle.

3. Swim Across America Stickers & Buttons

Show your love on your car, laptop, backpack or jacket with the sticker and button we’ll be sending to help you spread the word about SAA!

4. Boost Your Fundraising Tips Sheet

Utilize these resources to help boost your fundraising and make a bigger impact!

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