SAA on the Scene

Members of the Swim Across America family are active in their communities. SAA on the Scene shares stories from the “dry side” of our events where the SAA mission to make waves to defeat cancer is honored and recognized. Feel free to send submissions for future posts here.

Gerry Oakes Swim Across America Lifetime Achievement Award celebration
May 26th 

Thank you to Gerry Oakes for nearly 20 years of service. It is our privilege to recognize you with a Lifetime Achievement Award!


Nantucket Day Celebration
Rose & Crown, Nantucket, May 11th

In the annual Nantucket Day celebration, the event committee was able to get 25 sign-ups at the event and had some good social media buzz going in the community.

L-R: Jim Pignato (Co-Event Director), Stacey Williams (SAA-Nantucket Volunteer), Jill Roethke (Co-Event Director), Kate Bartleman (Nantucket Cottage Hospital), Kristen Dussault (SAA-Nantucket Committee Member), Charlene Thurston (PASCON), Beth Moyer (Nantucket Cottage Hospital) and Ginnia Faria (PASCON).

Swim Across America Visit to beneficiary Moffitt Cancer Center
Tampa, May 2oth

Rob Butcher, Amy Krakauer, Angie Lankton and family, Dr. Shari Pilon-Thomas, Megan Melgaard, Michael Jorgensen, Ryan Baucom, Eric Wunderlich, Javed Saleemi and Craig Cordell.


San Diego 7-Eleven FOA Golf Tournament
Tampa, May 12th

Mark Gramlich, Susan Davis, Olympian Andrea Dickson, Olympian Ryan Berube, Diana Thomas, Falon Lesczcynski

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