SAA Partner Orca Announces 2020 Fundraising Prize for All Open Water Swims


SAA Partner Orca is supporting Swim Across America in 2020 by rewarding a brand new Orca TRN wetsuit to a lucky top early WaveMaker at each of our open water charity swims! All participants for each open water swim that hit WaveMaker fundraising status one month before the swim will be entered into a raffle to select a winner! Step up the early fundraising and be one of the elite fundraisers to represent SAA with a new Orca wetsuit at your swim!

You can further support Orca and Swim Across America by using the code SAAPARTICIPANT15 at to save 15% on wetsuits, gear and more!

The Orca TRN wetsuit is the ideal choice for those athletes who are taking their first steps in the open water or triathlon world. This wetsuit provides a mixture of buoyancy and flexibility, keeping you comfortable and safe in your first competitions.

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