FINIS Partners on WaveMaker Incentive

FINIS is celebrating SAAs 30th anniversary by offering a $30 gift card to all WaveMakers. WaveMakers are fundraisers that generate $1,000 in donations. In 2016, there were 1,300 WaveMakers so FINIS is donating $39,000 in gift cards. The cards will be handed onsite to WaveMakers during check in for your swim. This is just one of the perks of being a WaveMaker in 2017! Get registered now and aim high for WaveMaker recognition!

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Show Off Your SAA Pride on LinkedIn

We appreciate your time, fundraising and participation as part of the Swim Across America family. As our organization grows, we will reach out from time to time to ask you to help us tell our story as a leader in cancer research funding.

If you have participated, volunteered or donated to Swim Across America, and you have a profile on LinkedIn, list Swim Across America under your volunteer activities. When you identify Swim Across America, our logo will come up next to your activity. We suggest you select the “health” option from the cause drop down. In the text box, identify what role you played and which swim(s). For example, if you participated, volunteered or donated to Tampa, identify as SAA – Tampa. You can list several swims if you have provided support over the years. LinkedIn is an ideal community for you to showcase causes that you support and we would be honored to have you recognize Swim Across America in your profile.

Step 1: Select “VIEW MORE”




Step 3: Enter “Swim Across America, Inc” and fill in the details of your experience!


SAA Hits Vegas with 7-Eleven

Swim Across America was excited to participate in the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees (NCASEF) Convention in Las Vegas. See if you can spot Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary representing SAA at the golf tournament.

Day 2 of the NCASEF Convention in Las Vegas had the Swim Across America team and Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler Clary representing the great partnership that SAA has with the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees.

The convention concluded with a banquet that included a speech by SAA’s Rob Butcher on the impact of the partnership we have with NCASEF in the fight against cancer.

SAA Tee Time in Central Florida

The first event of the calendar year featuring Swim Across America as an official charity of the 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association took place on April 6 in Orlando. The weather was beautiful for the 7-Eleven Central Florida Franchise Owners Association Charity Golf Tournament to benefit Swim Across America (Tampa) and Moffitt Cancer Center.

The SAA family was well represented with Craig Beardsley, Craig Cordell (SAA – Tampa), Alison Pease (SAA – Chicago), Olympian Rowdy Gaines, Susan Davis (Nestlé), and Mark Gramlich (Kellogg’s) in attendance. The tournament successfully raised $20,711.00 for the SAA – Tampa which benefits the Tampa Moffitt Cancer Center.